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Book #1

Kühlerfiguren klassischer Automobile 1900-1939 


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A unique, informative book on the most iconic hood ornaments adopted by the major international automotive brands of the early 1900s.  
Radiator Mascots of the Classic Car Era 1909-1939 showcases more than 100 fascinating figures that once paraded on U.S. and European roads. Author Matthias Dressler pairs exquisite photographs with interesting information, engaging anecdotes on each mascot’s origin, as well as vintage pictures of the respective cars and archival advertising. All texts of this notable coffee-table book are bilingual, in German and English. Limited edition of 250 copies, hardcover 28 cm x 28 cm (11” x 11”), 403 pages. For orders outside the US please use the contact page, thank you.

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Germany195 €incl.195 €
Europe195 €incl.195 €
Switzerland195 €incl.195 €
Great Britain195 incl.195



Book #2

Ornaments, Mascots and Figurines 



A rare compendium of the first noteworthy American publications on car mascots written by 'doc' Mundhenk in the early and mid 1960s. Mundhenk thus became a pioneer in systematic research and cataloguing of car mascots.  


If you think you already know almost everything on mascots, it is time to embark on a new journey. A journey back to the time when reference books did not yet exist. Mundhenk painstakingly collected the information and photos and prepared them for publication. Sure, not everything was correct from the beginning. Some contributions contain more or less obvious mistakes. - But try to find out for yourself! It's great fun! 

English, print on demand only, softcover, 74 pages. For orders please use the contact page, thank you.

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Germany65 €5 €70 €
Europe65 €10 €75 €
Switzerland65 €15 €80 €
Great Britain60 £10 £70 £
USA70 $15 $85 $